1. Reporting Period
The reporting period for the MCLE Programme shall commence on 23rd January 2008.

2. Eligibility to Offer MCLE Course(s)
Any organization or person wishing to offer an MCLE Course must demonstrate Compliance with the requirements listed in the Rules and the additional guidelines approved by the MCLE Board except that emphasis should be placed on the courses for which accreditation is sought.

3. Eligibility/Procedure to be appointed as an MCLE Provider:
The following persons are eligible to be appointed MCLE Providers:
• Companies registered as limited liability or limited by guarantee under the Companies and Allied Matters Act whose principal object is the provision of legal education;
• Associations registered under part ‘C’ of the Companies and Allied matters Act as incorporated trustees;
• Registered Law Firms;
• A Faculty of Law in a Nigerian university having concurrent full accreditation of the National Universities Commission and the Council of Legal Education;
• The Nigerian Law School;
• Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies;
• Such other bodies as the MCLE Board may approve from time to time

Interested eligible Company/Firm/Institution wishing to be accredited as an MCLE Provider is to obtain an application form from the office of the Nigerian Bar Association, Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Plot 1101 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT  Nigeria, the Institute’s Email: or NBA Branch offices.

The completed application form should be submitted to the Nigerian Bar Association, Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Plot 1101 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja, FCT  Nigeria with 12 copies of a bound document containing the following;

a) Photocopy of certificate of incorporation where applicable;
b) Detailed profile of the company including information on Board of Directors;
c) Detailed curriculum vitae of staff of the organization;
d) Copies of degree, Bar qualifying certificate and current practicing license of at least one member, or director, or partner, or trustee of the applicant;
e) Copies of teller or receipt of practicing fees paid by at least one member, or director, or partner, or trustee of the applicant for the year of application and two years preceding it;
f) Details of courses; their duration in half-hour or hour units and the mode of instruction for the CLE in accordance with the MCLE Rules.
g) A schedule of fees to be charged for the courses;
h) Evidence of payment of a non-refundable fee of N100, 000.00.

4. Inspection of facilities
Organizations wishing to be accredited must be ready to receive an inspection team of the
MCLE Board who may visit without notice as soon thereafter as the MCLE Board may determine after the application is submitted.

5. Provision of MCLE by NBA Conference, Branches and Sections/Forums
The Board encourages applications for accreditation of courses from the Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association, Branches of the Nigerian Bar Association, Sections, and Forums of the Nigerian Bar Association. These organs are exempted from registration as Service Providers but shall be required to apply for accreditation of courses as required under the Rules, Guidelines, and Regulations.

6. Additional Guidelines for Course Providers
(a) The purpose of these guidelines is to assist potential course providers in determining whether a course can be accredited for the Bar’s Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Programme (MCLE Programme). The guidelines also give advice on course delivery and outline the administrative procedures that should be followed for a course to obtain accreditation. Course providers who require additional information are requested to contact The Nigerian Bar Association, Institute of Continuing Legal Education, NBA House, Plot 1101 Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja F.C.T. Nigeria. Email:

(b) The MCLE Board wishes to encourage a flexible and varied programme of continuing professional development for practitioners, including lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops and training sessions. All courses, which meet the criteria, will be accredited in half-hour or one-hour units, provided that course providers comply with procedures outlined below. Please note that lawyers will not be credited with attendance at a course unless the Institute of Continuing Legal Education:

(i) Has been notified of the details of the event at least two weeks in advance with the following information at least two weeks prior to the course:
• The title of the course
• The course aims and objectives together with an explanation as to how the provider will seek to validate the course by establishing that those aims and objectives have been achieved.
• A brief description of the nature and content of the course
• The names of the speaker(s)
• The length of the session (excluding breaks etc) in half-hour or hour units
• The component(s) to which the session is relevant (e.g skills, professionalism, ethics, and corruption, other MCLE Programme activities, etc).
• If the session is relevant to more than one component, the relevant time that will be allocated to each
• The date(s) and time(s) of the session

(ii) Within a month of the conclusion of training, providers should confirm, to the Institute of Continuing Legal Education, that there was no alteration to the approved list of trainers or, alternatively, lodge a revised list of trainers (with full details above).

(iii) Within a month of the conclusion of training, providers should submit a list of participants with their registration forms. Course providers will be provided with a registration document, which should be made available to lawyers to certify their attendance. Course providers may use their own document provided that it contains the relevant details and that practitioners are required to sign it. Please note that the list of attendance must be copies of the daily attendance list signed by the participants.

(iv)Within a month of the conclusion of training, providers pay over to the Institute fees charged by the Institute per participant.

(c) Language
Teaching and assessment will be English.

(d) Monitoring of Courses
The MCLE Board may request course material or send an observer to attend courses. The Board may withdraw recognition from external providers where there is evidence that they are not meeting acceptable standards of course provision or administration.

7. Executive Course
Executive courses may be organized as long as the courses are accredited.

8. Duration of Registration/Accreditation and payment of fees by Service Providers
(a) On approval of the application of a service provider, a payment of N200,000 shall be made for registration of the service provider.
(b) Renewal of registration shall be made at the expiration of two years on payment of a prescribed fee subject to accreditation standing.

9. Payment of Practicing Fees
A participant at an approved MCLE course must provide evidence of practice fees paid for the reporting period to be credited with completed units under the programme.

Professor M.I Jegede, SAN
Chairman MCLE Board

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