The Nigerian judiciary has taken a giant stride in providing a simple, fast and efficient communication means between lawyers and the courts. The Judiciary, under the auspices of the National Judicial Council, initiated a campaign to design case management software for our courts and a legal mail for all lawyers in Nigeria.

Lawyers are required to obtain the Legal Mail to facilitate communication and correspondence with courts. As of the 16th of July, 2018, it became mandatory. The Supreme Court will only serve Processes by electronic means (Legal Mail) on all matters. Hence, all new filings as from 16th July 2018, must bear Counsel’s legal email address.

See more information at the LegalMail home page:

"This email registration platform it for verified lawyers only, Unverified lawyers must ensure that they are verified with the Nigerian Bar Association before undertaking this process otherwise access will be denied".


1) What is Legal Mail all about? It’s an email platform for communications, correspondences, and notices between lawyer to lawyer and court to a lawyer. Visit for more details.

2) How do I enroll for Legal Mail? Visit to start a self-registration process.

3) How do I get my Legalmail address? Kindly send your complaint to along with your details.

4) How do I get access to my Legalmail box? Visit and type in your details

5) How do I get support on LegalMail issues? For all issues related to LegalMail contact 09084445444, 08084086630

6) What types of lawyers are qualified for Legal Mail? All NBA verified lawyers

7) What if the application said I am not verified? If you have been verified and still cannot proceed, please send an mail to

8) How do I reset my password? Visit and click the “forgot password” button to start the reset process.

9) How do I check my email? Visit and login with your email address (

10) How long does it take to complete the legal Mail request process? 1 – 7 working days

11) What time can I call for a support service? 09:00 am – 04:30 pm Monday – Friday – 09084445444, 08084086630

12) Can I use my Legal Mail to send other mails? Yes, see email use policy

13) Does The Supreme Court of Nigeria or any other organization have access to my mails? No

14) Can I have multiple Legal Mail accounts? No

15) What other platforms can I access my email on? Mobile devices (Android, IOS, Windows), Microsoft Outlook and Outlook for Mac Desktop Application

16) What makes it different from any other email? Professionally, the Legal Email address ( provides for uniformity and uniqueness in communication with other lawyers, Courts, professional bodies, embassies and other stakeholders. The legal mail also has the unique feature of the ability to provide proof of service for designated communications. The email accounts are designed with unique features, they are free from advertisements, taglines or pop ups therefore containing less risk of spam and comes with a 50GB mailbox size.

17) What is proof of services? Proof of services is a feature that is only unique to the LegalMail platform, where a delivery acknowledgement is preserved for communications between court to Lawyers regarding services of notices and other matters, where an SMS is also delivered to the recipient to notify them of such correspondences.

18) What next after I activate my legal Mail? Within 24 hours of activation, you should receive an email welcoming you to the legal mail platform with your Temporary Password and a guide on how to change your temporary password and sign in your email account. Ensure to log on as more and more correspondences are sent to lawyers through their legal email.