The talk of repositioning the NBA Secretariat for global best practices has become glib, and members of the Bar are tired of the many candidates who have come in the past mouthing trite platitudes about repositioning the secretariat without the slightest intention of doing so. For example, too many lawyers complaining of writing the NBA for various needs and receiving no response whatsoever. Our secretariat appears to have become another civil service bureaucracy, heavy on employment and short on service delivery.
I therefore present myself, as a change agent, to build a new secretariat consistent with a modern Bar Association in the twenty-first century.

In doing so, I propose to use as my roadmap for resuscitation of the national secretariat the guiding principles of the Nigerian Bar Association as breathed into life at the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of November 2006 at Bauchi.

Conceptual Definition: To be at the vanguard for the promotion and defence of the Rule of Law, Good Governance, Social Justice and the Dignity of all persons;
B. Vision: To rank among the foremost Bar Associations in the world;
C. Mission: To use the Law as an Instrument for Social Change;
D. Motto: Promoting The Rule of Law;
E. Core Values: Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Professionalism; and
F. A Brand Responsibility to be Courageous, Assertive, Independent, and a Leader.

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