The Academics' Forum’s objectives include:

As a networking entity facilitating dialogue and exchange of information on research, contacts, sabbatical posts and fellowships;

To provide short-term teaching exchanges and facilities for visiting members among law   teachers within and beyond the NBA,

To ensure that members benefit from a network based on mutual assistance.

Generating unique dialogue between legal academia and practicing lawyers at NBA Conferences.

Presenting programmes at NBA Annual Conferences on methods of delivering legal education, including skills training, clinical legal education, and electronic presentation.

Presenting programmes on other issues of great importance to law schools, such as accreditation, job placement of graduates and the role of law schools in continuing the professional development of their graduates.

Organizing law book donations and other interventions to law faculties;

Contributing to NBA developing bar conferences when appropriate.

Organizing students associate membership;

Organizing law faculties/law school skills/ and simulated competitions on legal education and social development.

Publishing a newsletter/journal annually.

Liaising and collaborating with the Legal Education Committee of the NBA.

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Academic Forum