The 2015 constitution of our great Association in Section 8(5)(n) specifically assigned some responsibility to the office of the Legal Adviser. I intend to keep faith with the spirit and letters of the provision and ensure its strict implementation.

In addition to the constitutional responsibility, I will diligently carry out any other functions or assignments that the President, the Executive, NEC or the General House may assign to me.

It is also my intention to work closely with the Human Rights Committee of our Association in the area of protection of the rights of the citizens in general and our members, who are in recent times subjected to all kind of inhuman treatments from the Police and other security agencies, in particular.
I will equally in the discharge of my constitutional responsibility work with our Welfare Committee with the view of getting the best terms for our Association in its (Welfare Committee) partnering with other individuals, corporate bodies and organizations for the overall welfare of our esteemed members.

The office of the Legal Adviser will also liaise closely with the Legislative Drafting Committee with the view of making the unbiased position of NBA known on time on the bills intended to be passed by the National Assembly. We hope to achieve this and save the nation of some needless controversies on some proposed bills.

Equally, and with the support of the President and the entire Executive all agreements the Association will enter into with third parties shall be well scrutinized with the view of protecting the interests and integrity of the Association.

I will endeavour to promote amicable settlement of disputes among our members in all the branches of the Association nationwide. In this regard, mediation will be highly promoted among our members to avoid negative perception of the organization by the public.

I will study the cases the Association is involved in and give legal opinions and options available to the Association in its best interest. In this regard, amicable resolution will be exploited to save us from negative publicity that we cannot afford.

On the cases that may not be able to be settled, I will endeavour to attend to them with the urgency they deserved and save our Association from avoidable embarrassment as recently witnessed when a constitutional matter that goes to the root of our existence was not properly attended to and the eventual judgment threw the Association into national and international embarrassment which almost consumed us as a body.

The Association cannot live in isolation and thus I will facilitate corporation with other professional bodies and the rules and terms of the engagement will be well defined in the best interest of our organization.

The only thing that is constant in life is change; I will take a holistic look at our constitution from time to time with the view of suggesting areas where amendment may be necessary and appropriate for the maximum benefit of our body. It is my respected view that the constitution of our Association should at all times be a reference document to all other Associations and bodies.

It is part of my manifesto to urge the Executive to always have constant stakeholders parley with our securities agencies and the judiciary for the survival of our democracy and the general progress of the country. This is in recognition of the importance of the Judiciary and security agencies to the survival of our democracy and the country in general.

There will always be learning on the job and I therefore pledge to constantly attend to issues touching on the Association that have direct bearing on my office as the Legal Adviser whether captured by this manifesto or otherwise.

As the Legal Adviser, I pledge to avoid any embarrassment whatsoever to the Association in all our dealings with ourselves, other individuals, bodies, government or governmental agencies and I will bear full responsibility on all issues touching my office as the Legal Adviser.

This is my Article of Faith to the Association and I promise to keep it.

Legal Adviser aspirant.

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