1. Working with the President and all other statutory organs of the Association, I intend to carve out a programme of sensitization and education of members on the provisions of the Legal Practitioners Act, the Rules of Professional Conduct for Legal Practitioners, the operations of the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee. This is to bring to the fore for members the salient provisions of these Laws and Rules and the operations of this Committee which I have found, out most of our members are oblivious of hence majority run foul of the Laws and Rules, thus inviting the weight of the Disciplinary Committee to be visited on them.

2. Working with the Branches, I also intend to further educate members on the provisions of the Constitution of our Association, especially in the areas of welfare, eligibility for elections, insurance policy among others.

3. Further, intend to be more visible in adequate representation of the interest of the Association in the making of legislations at the centre that may affect the interest of the Association, its members and the general public, ensuring that the Association remains proactive, alive and a bulwark of the citizens ensuring the promotion of Rule of Law in our country at all times. To do these and more by the grace of Almighty.

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